Winter hats

Rippled cloche 

Teal Dream 

Glamour Toque 

Leather and Pleats 

Silent Movie Star 

Chinchila helmet 

Stitched up Fedora 

Naval Cloche 

Rosy Heather Cloche 

Perfect Circle  Cloche

Color blocked Aviator  

Buttoned up Cloche 

Heather and Leather 

Cashmere Turban 

Amelia Aviator 

Chocolate Trilby


Cigarette Girl 

Starry starry night  

Turban Cloche 

Silver flapper 


1920s bucket cloche navy blue wool hand draped

 Sailor's bow

perforated bucket cloche

Ma Vie en Rose 

sailor's bow
flapper milliner 1920's draped cloche in rose
made to measure rose cloche hand draped
feminine fedora in dark green with red feathers
men's hats for women custom fedora
teardrop fedora with feathers

Feathered fedora 

crochet black earflap hat with angora fur pompoms

Pom-pom Pixie 

mad hatter unusual draped tophat

Mad Hatter 

Mustard and bows 

1940's land girl beret green alpaca yarn classic knitwear

Land Girl beret  

wide brim movie star hat black velvet finish swede trim

Movie star glamor 

fur pom pom hat custom made
draped and feathered cloche charcoal new york style hat

Feathers in heather 

Daisy's Chain 

reversible newsboy newsgirl hat 1920s style

Reversible Newspaper Girl 

Sleek Cloche 

Copper deco 

Moscow Express 

Le Parisien 

draped handmade cloche red wool 1920s flapper
hand draped cloche
1940s fur felt hat with feather detail

Scarlet swoop 

handmade custom hat cloche fur felt

Forties in feathers 

draped custom bucket cloche

Princess bow 

bucket cloche in navy with outsized cream bow flapper style
100% made in America navy cloche
hand draped 1920s cloche flapper

Heather cloche 

grey on gray draped cloche
charcoal new york cloche in heather fur felt
stylish women's fedora grey fur felt leather trim

Leather and fur fedora 

fur hat silk lining

Russian Tail 

Sculpted Moss Cloche 

draped cloche sculpture 1920s flapper green

Charcoal fan 

naval themed cloche flapper style art deco brooch

Naval inspired pleats 

hand draped flapper cloche 1920s nautical
little red riding hood cloche

 Scarlet perforated cloche