Newly arrived from London, I came across a dusty black box in a Brooklyn thrift store emblazoned with a gold Knox New York logo. I rushed home with my purchase to find out about this hatter who shared my new married name. 

Once a corporate giant established in 1838 - making thousands of hats a day at its peak, Knox New York hats were everywhere, worn by every American President until JFK. Like so many hatters and milliners the company went under in the sixties when the demand for hats drastically fell, as they went from being considered everyday necessities to optional luxuries.

So more than fifty years on I decided to start my own Knox hat company, inspired by vintage styles, creating high quality hats like those Knox New York were known for.  The new Knox Hats is just a tiny acorn. Just me, Julia Emily Knox, fairly new to both being a Knox and to New York, working with traditional hand methods in my tiny studio in Bushwick.

You'll find a selection of ready made hats through the retailers listed on the locations page, but my real love is the custom hat, no head is too big, no head is too small, no color, style or era is out of range, talk to me and let's create your dream hat together.




milliner in draped cloche Williamsburg Brooklyn

Julia Emily Knox, Milliner