Milliner Julia Emily Knox is Co-Designer and Production Manager at Barbara Feinman Millinery, at 66 E 7th Street in the East Village. These are some of the styles you'll find at the store that Julia designed and made alongside Barbara Feinman, Artistic Director and Founder. You can purchase Barbara Feinman Millinery hats in person at the store or online at

The Clyde

The Duchess Profile


The Femme Fatale

The Gloria

Confetti Cocktail

The Angular Tophat

Reversible feathers

The Marie Antoinette

The Duchess Profile

Pinstripe Cocktail

The Femme Fatale

The Hutton

The Gloria

The Edwardian Pirate

The Delovely

The Grand Film Noir

The Incognito

The Gloria

The Morticia

The 1900

Gothic vines


The Raven

Tigerlily Cocktail